• Scott Bakula has joined a new TV series
  • The actor is back after NCIS: New Orleans
  • It's not the new Quantum Leap reboot

It looks like Scott Bakula has found a new home after NCIS: New Orleans. Fans haven't seen the "Pride" actor since the popular show was cancelled in 2021.

You might be thinking: Is Bakula's new show the Quantum Leap reboot? Surprisingly, it isn't. The 67-year-old has a whole new series coming, despite the revival of his show from the '90s.

Scott Bakula joins new TV show — but not Quantum Leap

Scott Bakula starred as "Sam Beckett" on Quantum Leap from 1989 to 1993. A reboot of the show is currently announcing cast members, but it doesn't sound like Bakula will take part.

Instead, he is joining a Western series at NBC called Unbroken. According to Deadline, Bakula will star as "Ash Holleran," a retired rodeo champ who is battling to save his family's ranch in California. A pilot episode has already been ordered.

Also interesting:

It sounds like Bakula's new show is following the formula of Yellowstone, the hugely popular Kevin Costner series about ranching, dynasties, and land battles.

Still, it's a bit surprising given all the buzz about the Quantum Leap reboot. The Deadline report even notes Bakula has "no involvement" with the reboot. Sorry, Quantum Leap fans!

But for NCIS fans, it will be good to see Scott Bakula on TV again soon — as the leading man in a Western this time.