• Sam Elliott stars in Yellowstone prequel 1883
  • But the actor says he doesn't like Yellowstone
  • He thinks it's too much like a soap opera

Sam Elliott, 77, has been sharing some pretty unpopular opinions lately. For weeks, the actor has been getting roasted over his criticism of the Western film The Power of the Dog.

Now it turns out he put Yellowstone on blast in that very same interview. Which comes as a surprise given that Elliott stars in 1883, the prequel to Yellowstone.

Why 1883 star Sam Elliott hates Yellowstone so much

Apparently, Sam Elliott is picky about his Westerns. On Marc Maron's podcast, he declared: "I'm not a Yellowstone fan. I don't watch Yellowstone."

"I love Costner," he added, noting he's also worked with several Yellowstone stars and has "nothing against any of them." But Elliott says Yellowstone is "just too much like f---ing Dallas or something for me."

So it seems Yellowstone gives Elliott a soap opera vibe, which is a negative in his eyes. Dallas was the famous Texas-set soap opera that aired from 1978 to 1991.

Also interesting:

This all comes after Elliott starred in 1883, the Yellowstone prequel which finished its first season last month. Meanwhile, Yellowstone is heading into season 5 this year.

At the time of his WTF podcast episode, Sam Elliott made headlines by bashing the Oscar-nominated Western film The Power of the Dog.

Director Jane Campion and several cast members have slammed Elliott's comments, and some critics deemed him homophobic and sexist.

We'll see if Elliott gets any backlash from the Yellowstone cast.