• Megan Fox is now showing herself on Instagram with a whole new look
  • With light gray hair and only in a bra, Fox delights her fans
  • Fox's transformation makes her unrecognizable at first

Hollywood actress Megan Fox has had quite a few cosmetic surgeries over the years. Now, as Entertainment Tonight shares on Instagram, Fox can be seen in a whole new look for the new film Johnny & Clyde.

Fox debuts surprising and sexy new hairstyle

Fox looks completely different here and may not be recognizable upon first glance. The Hollywood sex symbol has said goodbye to her iconic long black mane, looking seductively into the camera with new light gray hair.

The actress is shown sitting in a leather armchair at a desk while wearing only a purple lace bra and matching sweatpants. Fox casually puts her feet up on the desk, showing off her yellow high heels. No matter what hair colour she has, she still looks fabulous.

Also interesting:

Fox's dramatic new look is just one of the reasons she has been making headlines lately! Earlier this year, she got engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly in January, and wedding plans for the two are already underway. Fox and her new fiancé have even expanded their family with an adorable new addition!