Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy was absolutely perfect as ditzy and pretentious "Alexis Rose." You won't believe who she is playing in this new AMC series!

Annie Murphy In Kevin Can F**k Himself

AMC has just released the trailer for Kevin Can F**k Himself, the brand new dark comedy series starring Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy and produced by Rashida Jones! The series centers on a disgruntled housewife "Allison McRoberts" whose sanity begins to crack after spending too long being the wife of the ungrateful husband.

The Cast of 'Schitt's Creek'.

The series switches between a goofy sitcom setting where the show revolves around her goofy husband "Kevin" and her bleak reality. Series creator Valarie Armstrong said to EW, "On our show, we follow her out of that sitcom world where there is no laugh track. Her dramatic life is full of grit and emotion that she's not afforded in that sitcom."

Dan Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, and Annie Murphy in 'Schitt's Creek' season 6


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"It's not a show within a show. She's not an actor. It's just the way this world is presented. It's like a lens. It's a metaphor for the benefit of the doubt we've given men like Kevin forever. Men who get to like walk through life with a sitcom audience cheering them on all the time."

In the trailer we get a peek at terrifyingly miserable fantasizing about murdering her husband who has drained their money and made her life miserable. It's fair to say this new character is nothing like the airheaded "Alexis Rose" on Schitt's CreekKevin Can F**k Himself will debut over the summer on AMC. Check out the trailer here!