• Criminal Minds: Evolution debuted its first season in 2022
  • The revival is also known as Criminal Minds season 16
  • Paramount+ just renewed the series for new episodes

Criminal Minds is one of TV's most popular series of the 21st century. The show originally ended in 2020, but it made a comeback with Criminal Minds: Evolution in 2022. 

Evolution season 1 (a.k.a. Criminal Minds season 16) is airing now on Paramount+. But many fans have been wondering: Will there be a season 2 of the new series?

Criminal Minds: Evolution: Will there be a season 2 (17)?

About two months after the premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the future of the show is now confirmed...

And it's good news! Evolution has been renewed for another season. The series shared the big news on its official Twitter page. Combined, it'll be the 17th Criminal Minds season.

Also interesting:

Fans have been enjoying Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, which is scheduled to release its finale in February 2023. The first season contains 10 episodes.

Now, the next season could be on the way later this year. Evolution saw the return of the majority of the original Criminal Minds cast – much to the enjoyment of fans...

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