• Jodie Foster has landed a new role
  • Her last TV show was decades ago
  • Foster to star in season 4 of HBO drama

Jodie Foster is officially coming back to the small screen with a new project that's sure to excite fans! As Deadline reports, Foster will be headlining the upcoming fourth season of HBO's True Detective, and we already have some details about what to expect from the show!

Foster last starred on television in 1975

Foster appeared in several television series when she was young, but the actress's career trajectory changed after her role in 1976's Taxi Driver. While the then-12-year-old Foster has starred in many movies since, her last leading role on the small screen was all the way back in 1975. It has been revealed that she will be playing the character of "Detective Liz Danvers" in the new season of True Detective, which will be called True Detective: Night Country.


Each season of True Detective has been led by a different cast and set in a different location. Season 3 featured Moonlight star Mahershala Ali, with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Rachel McAdams, and Vince Vaughn appearing in previous seasons. Not much is known about Foster's character in Night Country yet, except for the fact that she will work alongside "Evangeline Navarro" to investigate a case involving men who have mysteriously disappeared from an Alaskan research station. 

Also interesting:

Foster will also executive produce the Issa López-helmed series along with Barry Jenkins. "The pair will have to confront the darkness they carry in themselves and dig into the haunted truths that lie buried under the eternal ice," the official synopsis reads. While the casting for "Evangeline" has not yet been announced, we're certainly excited to see Foster take on the role of "Liz" and make her long-awaited return to television!