• Kate Walsh will be on Grey's Anatomy again
  • The actress dresses up in a medical coat
  • Walsh reveals when "Addison" is back

Kate Walsh recently shared some exciting news on social media when she shared that she's coming back to Grey's Anatomy! Walsh, whose character "Addison" is a fan favourite, made an Instagram post on Thursday revealing that her earlier appearances this season won't be her last, as she is in fact returning soon!

Walsh shares she'll be back on Grey's in May

Walsh announced the news with a special video she recorded. At the start, she walks down a hallway in casual clothes before making a face and slowly backing away. When she emerges again, she is completely transformed! Walsh looks confident as she struts down the hallway in a fitted nude dress, white medical coat with pink stethoscope, and high heels, instantly recognizable as "Addison". She smiles and poses for the camera as a flashing Grey's Anatomy gif can be seen above her head.

"I’m back in uniform and that can only mean one thing…" she wrote at the beginning of her post, before confirming that she is in fact coming back to the show. Walsh shared that "Addison's" big return will be coming on May 5, meaning that we don't have much longer to wait until she's on our screens again. Her post not only saw many excited comments from fans— several stars also shared their excitement for her return!

Also interesting:

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, who Grey's fans know as "Meredith Grey" and "Derek Shepherd" both used flame emojis in response, with Pompeo adding several hearts as well. Scandal star Kerry Washington also reacted with several shocked emojis. Since Grey's Anatomy has officially been renewed for season 19, maybe Walsh will also be back as "Addison" for even more episodes!