• Grey's Anatomy is about to enter its 19th season
  • There could be some changes
  • Are THEY leaving the series?

The 19th season of the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy has already been confirmed. With each new season, rumors fuel that it could be the last or that certain characters are leaving the show. Just Jared has now published who could possibly turn their backs on the series soon.

Grey's Anatomy: Are THEY leaving the series soon?

For example, "Miranda Bailey" (Chandra Wilson), who has been a fixture on the show since Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, may soon be absent from "Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital" following her termination.

"Owen Hunt" (Kevin McKidd) and "Teddy Altman" (Kim Raver) could also leave Seattle forever. "Owen", his wife and two children had to flee because of an assisted suicide and were last seen on a plane.

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After "Katherine Avery" (Debbie Allen) responds to cancer treatment and travels to the Great Pyramids, it's possible that she and "Richard Webber" (James Pickens Jr.) will also turn their backs on  "Grey Sloan Memorial."

It is also uncertain what will happen to "Levi Schmitt" (Jake Borelli) and "Taryn Helm" (Jaicy Elliot) after the board of examiners closes the specialist program.

"Nick Marsh" (Scott Speedman) stayed in Seattle for "Meredith" (Ellen Pompeo), who sent him back to Minnesota. It's unclear if he'll be in the next season.

A farewell to the couple "Jackson Avery" (Jesse Williams) and "April Kepner" (Sarah Drew) would be hard for fans to bear, but it remains to be seen if they will be part of the upcoming season.

What Grey's Anatomy fans can already look forward to, however, is that the main character "Meredith Grey" will be part of the upcoming season. The broadcaster ABC has already confirmed this, as Deadline reported.