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'NCIS': This is "Caitlin Todd" Today

Bachelor Nation got their highly anticipated windmill scene in last night's episode when the remaining four men on Hannah's season travelled to Crete, Greece for the fantasy date week. We were so excited to find out that it was indeed Peter who lucked out with the windmill fantasy suite as Hannah herself admitted in a teaser a few weeks ago that she in fact had sex in a windmill... Twice.

Windmill secret revealed

With that being said, Peter's date didn't just consist of the windmill, they also had a great day on on the Aegean Sea. We were waiting for him to pop the "L" word but after their night, it is clear that their relationship went to the next level. 

Tyler and Hannah get steamy once again

Next up was Tyler. It is clear that Tyler and Hannah's physical connection is off the charts. They spent the day at a spa where Tyler took over the massaging duties but the evening didn't quite go as Tyler had probably planned. Hannah straight up said that she did not want to go into the fantasy suite with Tyler to have sex. She wanted to use the time to grow a deeper emotional connection. They spent the night on a houseboat and afterwards, Hannah said that Tyler was the "most respectful man she's ever been with". Amazing!

Jed wasn't keen on Luke

Hannah and Jed spend some time with a Greek family and things didn't seem very comfortable. Jed was still upset about the final rose being between him and Luke last week. Some tension filled conversations arose and ultimately they go to the fantasy suite where Jed proceeds to say they didn't sleep a wink. Seems like all is well in Jed and Hannah Land once again. 

"I do not want you to be my husband"

Luke and Hannah take a helicopter to Santorini and Luke seems to really impress her during their day together. In the evening however, Luke wants to talk about sex. Being a born-again Christian himself, Luke says to Hannah that "if you told me you're having sex or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I'd be wanting to go home, 100%." After some back and forth and Hannah obviously not loving the language he is using (amen), she has a moment of clarity. Hannah tells Luke, "I do not want you to be my husband," and she finally sends him home, giving the limo the middle finger as he drives away. You go girl! 

We are looking forward to next week's episode! Stay tuned...