A sneak peek into Katie's journey!

'The Bachelorette' Hints At Dates And Drama In Season 17 Promo

'The Bachelorette' Season 17 Promo Previews Dates And Drama

The trailer for season 17 of The Bachelorette has been released, promising no shortage of exciting moments for new lead Katie Thurston! From fun dates and confessions of love to explosive drama, "Bachelor Nation" has plenty to look forward to. See the video here!

The Bachelorette is back, and now fans of the show have gotten a sneak peek at its latest outing! After Katie Thurston made her debut as the series' lead on June 7, a promotional spot for the rest of season 17 aired, which hints at what's to come for the new "Bachelorette"!

The Bachelorette promo highlights Katie's love life

Bachelorette viewers got treated to a nearly three-minute-long promo that offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of Thurston's time on the show. It begins with footage of the leading lady enjoying various dates, including one that seems to be Western-themed— which also features several bare-chested men!

It seems like this "Bachelorette" isn't holding back her feelings either. "You make me happy every day," Thurston says to one of the contestants. She also calls being with another one of the men "magic," and even makes a declaration of love to yet another hopeful suitor!

"Bachelorette" Katie Thurston has an emotional breakdown

The Bachelorette's new promo also hints that a late arrival will cause some major drama. Blake Moynes marks his third appearance on the show, professing his belief that "Katie is the one." However, his appearance isn't well-received by another contestant, who seems angry that Moynes has shown up!

It's also hinted that Thurston's relationship with contestant Mike Planeta escalates quickly. In a clip, the athlete— who is known to be a virgin— mentions that sexual intimacy "is not something I take lightly." Thurston recently opened up about her sex-positive attitude, sharing how she feels it's important for any guy she's with to accept that about her.

The trailer also sees a shocking confession from one of the contestants, as well as an emotionally vulnerable moment for Thurston. "I came here to fall in love. Do I continue here or do I just leave now?" she says, apparently ready to quit the show. We can't wait to see how the rest of Thurston's season unfolds, and to find out if she ends up finding love!