Netflix’s ‘The Circle US' And Its Spinoffs

The Circle US And Its Spinoffs Netflix

The Circle US and its spinoffs have kicked up quite the storm on Netflix. The ultimate quarantine game, contestants do not compete face-to-face but rather through an intricately designed social media app called "The Circle"! Here is everything you need to know about The Circle US and its spinoffs!

The Circle US first debuted on Netflix January 1, 2020 and was an immediate hit! Hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau and similar in idea to shows like Big Brother and Catfish, The Circle is a game of popularity with one catch—the players only get to know each other through social media!

If making friends in real life was not hard enough, contestants must try to win over the hearts of strangers they have never met by The Circle’s social media system and secure their spots in the inner circle.

With $100,000 US at stake, becoming popular has never been harder.

The Circle US

Courtney Revolution The Circle US Season 2 

The Circle US keeps things interesting by constantly throwing in fun challenges and games so that the contestants can get to know each other better. But beware—not everyone is really who they say they are!

In each episode, contestants are asked to rank each other, and only the highest-ranked will survive. Season one was so popular that Netflix renewed The Circle US for season two, the first four episodes of which were just released April 14, 2021, and more new episodes available every Wednesday.

The Circle US Spinoffs

Lorayne Oliver The Circle Brazil Season 1

The Circle US has also included a few spinoffs! After the success of The Circle US, seasons one of The Circle Brazil and The Circle France were released in spring of 2020.

While social media remains at the heart of each spinoff, cultural twists related to each country are thrown into the mix—Carnival themed fun for Brazil and endless French pastries for France. Both spinoffs have English subtitle options so make sure to catch them out for more Circle fun!

You can catch new episodes of The Circle US every Wednesday on Netflix!