Steve Carell portrayed the beloved boss "Michael Scott" on The Office for the show's first seven seasons. His departure was written into the episode "Goodbye, Michael" toward the end of season 7. But now, new details have emerged about the actor's exit from The Office.

Steve Carell: Movies weren't the reason for his Office exit

At the time of Carell's departure, it was reported that he was moving on to focus on roles in films. His contract was also up to expire at the end of The Office season 7, and it wasn't renewed.

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But new reports suggest that Carell's comments were misunderstood at the time. In a new book titled "The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s," several production staff members say that Carell actually wanted to stay with the sitcom for at least a few more seasons.

The Office: "Michael Scott" didn't want to leave in season 7

Carell sparked rumours of his departure when he publicly commented on his contract being up at the end of season 7. But according to the new book, NBC was unresponsive to Carell after the rumours and never made an effort to keep him around. As per Collider, the show's sound mixer, hairstylist, and NBC casting director Allison Jones all confirmed the story. Jones also referenced financial issues that contributed to the decision to not extend Carell.

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"Michael Scott" wanted to stay for another season or more, but he wasn't offered the chance to return. This changes the narrative that Carell left of his own accord in 2011. Debates about a decline in the show's quality are also usually attached to Carell's departure in season 7. The Office concluded just two seasons later in 2013, though he did return for the finale episode.

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