"Maggie Simpson" is the star of Playdate with Destiny, the Simpsons 2020 short film. It debuted as the opening short before Onward, Pixar's latest movie, in early March.

Now, Playdate with Destiny is coming to the Disney+ streaming service! It gets added to the platform tomorrow, Friday, April 10.

Playdate with Destiny: Disney+ adds "Maggie Simpson" short film

The Simpsons is streaming on Disney+

30 seasons of The Simpsons are also currently streaming on Disney+. Playdate with Destiny was a Disney collaboration with the show after the company purchased 20th Century Fox in 2019. 

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Disney+ also shared a special message from the creators and animators of The Simpsons, including Matt Groening and Al Jean.

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Their message reads: "Greetings, friends! Earlier this year, we made a nifty little short film called 'Playdate with Destiny.' The response was so gratifying we wanted everyone to see it at home. So here ya go." 

Pixar's Onward was one of the final major releases prior to the closure of theatres amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So the audience of Onward and Playdate with Destiny was limited to only a few weeks of screenings.

But viewers can now check out both films - and all of The Simpsons - on Disney+. Playdate with Destiny joins the platform on April 10.

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