The Umbrella Academy's "Ben Hargreeves" is one of the more mysterious characters that we only got to know as time went on. He was the only sibling of the family who died in mysterious circumstances but did not cross over... instead, he became his brother "Klaus's" closest companion who luckily could see ghosts. Ironically, even though he was the only sibling not alive he was the only one who could get through to selfish "Klaus!" This is "Ben Hargreeves".

The Umbrella Academy: "Ben"

The Umbrella Academy's "Ben Hargreeves a.k.a. Number Six" had one of the most peculiar powers of his siblings and also one of the oddest stories. "Ben" had a portal to large, strong, and terrifying eldritch tentacles in his stomach that he could control at will. This made him able to take out countless villains at the same time and rip them apart or fling them against the wall. Tragically "Ben" died during a mission.

His death was shrouded in mystery, mentioned only in passing as being "really bad" but luckily for him, his adoptive brother "Klaus" could speak with the dead. So for years "Ben" was the spirit companion of his brother, enjoying wild nights together and making jokes at each other's expense. Neither was fully aware that "Klaus" could also summon the dead until their relationship was pushed to the limit and "Ben" slapped him in a moment of fury! Somehow, "Ben" was able to join the living!

'The Umbrella Academy' Still.

The Umbrella Academy's "Ben" was also reckless and drug-addict "Klaus's" voice of reason, convincing him to put in the effort to help save his siblings. As time went on, his character was more and more involved in the story even going through a troubled romance with someone alive! "Ben's" story is easily one of the most interesting and curious of his siblings.

Justin H. Min as The Umbrella Academy's "Ben"

"Ben" is portrayed by handsome Justin H. Min! Justin is an absolutely brilliant Korean American with a Government and English degree from the prestigious Cornell University. He has starred in many independent productions before he got his big break in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. Now he is starring in a film alongside Jodie Turner-Smith and Colin Farrell called After Yang

Fans have been falling head over heels for the beautiful and witty actor and are endlessly happy to know that he and his on-screen brother "Klaus" played by Robert Sheehan are incredibly close!

We can't wait to see whatever he is a part of next!

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