The Umbrella Academy's "Dolores" was by "Number Five's" side longer than anyone in his life including his siblings. Although she had little to say, she was always the voice of reason for her partner "Five" during the apocalypse. This is The Umbrella Academy's "Dolores".

The Umbrella Academy: "Dolores"

Fans of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy know that "Number Five" played by Aidan Gallagher, accidentally trapped himself in the apocalyptic future during a time-hop when he was only 13-years-old. The rebellious "Hargreeves" child tried hard to get back to his own time but couldn't return, making himself the last person in the whole world to survive. Luckily, while scavaging for survival supplies he met his lifelong partner, "Dolores", a department store mannequin that caught his eye. 

"Dolores" stayed by his side for the almost 30 years "Five" was caught in the post-apocalyptic world, being the "Wilson" to his Tom Hanks. The two had hilarious banter and an implied physical relationship. She often criticized his alcoholism and frequently tried to be the voice of reason, which is difficult to be for grumpy "Five". "Five's" love for "Dolores" ran deep, getting her new outfits (preferably something with sequins) or her favorite wine (preferably a Bordeaux) and he even looked to her for approval when "The Handler" came to recruit him and take him away from his hell on Earth. 

Even though he had to leave her behind he never forgot "Dolores", even making sure to find her in the department store she was first displayed in when he went back in time to prevent the apocalypse. This is unfortunately where the hitmen team "Hazel and Cha-Cha" knew to find him and a shootout battle ensued almost killing innocent "Dolores". She has always been his weak spot. His siblings caught him awkwardly passed out drunk with his arm around "Dolores" in the library. Later, "Five's" brother "Luther" even used her as leverage to get him to drop a gun by threatening to drop her out of a window and forcing "Five" to save her. 

Eventually, "Five" accepted that his life was too dangerous for his love and returned her back to the department store sending her off with a heartfelt goodbye and letting a department store clerk know what "Dolores" likes to wear best. It was a touching end to one of the least dysfunctional romances of the series (which says a lot about the others!). 

We can't wait for season 3 of the endlessly fun and silly Netflix series The Umbrella Academy!

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