• "Gail" was great on Two and a Half Men
  • She was played by star Tricia Helfer
  • This is the "Gail" actress today!

All eyes were on "Gail" when she joined the Two and a Half Men cast in season 7. At the time, "Charlie" was engaged to "Chelsea," who invited "Gail" to the house after a break-up.

Everyone from "Alan" to "Jake" and even "Berta" was drawn to "Gail," though she eventually ended up with "Charlie." She last appeared in "Charlie's" funeral episode in season 9. What has actress Tricia Helfer been up to since then?

Two and a Half Men: "Gail" actress Tricia Helfer now

Canadian actress Tricia Helfer has enjoyed a diverse career in TV and film, though she's best known for roles in the world of science fiction. Prior to Two and a Half Men, Helfer had a breakthrough role as "Number Six" on Battlestar Galactica. She then played "Gail" in three Two and a Half Men episodes between 2009 and 2011. 

Two and a Half Men "Gail": Actress Tricia Helfer in 2007.

Since her days as "Gail," Tricia Helfer has acted in dozens of series and TV movies. Highlights of her guest roles include popular shows such as Criminal Minds, Community, and Suits. But she also had a main role on Lucifer as "Charlotte Richards" a.k.a. "Mom."

Helfer has also furthered her work on science fiction projects, performing as a voice actor in Tron: Uprising as well as several video game franchises in the 2010s.

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Tricia Helfer in 2022

A native of Donalda, Alberta, Tricia Helfer has continued to deliver some of her biggest performances in recent projects. Lucifer finished up in 2021, and Helfer now portrays "Dracula" on Syfy's Van Helsing.

On the big screen, Helfer also played journalist Alyson Camerota in 2019 Fox newsroom drama Bombshell. In 2022, the former Two and a Half Men "Gail" actress was also seen in the film Spin Me Round.

We'll be watching for her next role!