The Fast and Furious franchise really keeps it all in the family. From Paul Walker's brother to Vin Diesel's son, the cast additions are always welcome and embraced by fans.

Vin Diesel's Son Starring in F9

Now that the highly anticipated Fast & Furious 9 has an official release date, some big news has also been leaked! TMZ got a hold of some leaked documents that show Vin Diesel's son Vincent Sinclair is starring in the new film!

10-year-old Vincent will actually be playing the younger version of his father's character "Dom Toretto"! He filmed his portion back in 2019 when he was only 9-years-old but if he's anything like his old man, Vincent is sure to be a natural.

Vincent Sinclair 04/19/2017 The World Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 

Apparently, Vincent was even paid a daily rate of $1,005.00! Vin has been teasing fans with behind-the-scenes footage and even images of his children and the F9 logo on his Instagram.

Fans are thrilled to see young Vincent in action and that the film will finally be released on June 25th after being postponed for more than a year.

Check out the family resemblance on Vin's Instagram!

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