A new TV special will pay tribute to the last Golden Girl, Betty White.

It airs on Monday, Jan. 31, on NBC. For the show, singer Cher put together a cover of The Golden Girls theme song, and she previewed it ahead of the premiere.

Cher covers The Golden Girls theme for Betty White

Cher, 75, posted a sneak peek at her version of "Thank You for Being a Friend," the instantly recognizable song on Betty White's sitcom. Here it is:

In the clip, Cher sings the main section of "Thank You for Being a Friend." During its years on TV, The Golden Girls used a Cynthia Fee cover of the '70s song.

Cher captioned her video "Every Friend is Golden" and encouraged followers to tune in to the Betty White NBC special on Jan. 31.

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The special is called Celebrating Betty White: America's Golden Girl, and it'll air one month to the day we lost Betty at the age of 99.

She passed away on Dec. 31, 2021, a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday.