• Jim Carrey starred in The Cable Guy (1996)
  • He's reviving the movie role in a Super Bowl ad
  • The Verizon commercial has a new preview

We are days away from Super Bowl LVI. It's the one time a year people are interested in commercials, and the year's Super Bowl ads are already getting some hype. One surprise coming this year: a Jim Carrey Verizon ad that revisits The Cable Guy.

Super Bowl ad: Verizon, Jim Carrey and The Cable Guy

Carrey starred as creepy cable guy "Chip Douglas" in the 1996 dark comedy. Now 26 years later, he is back in character. Verizon has a new promo for the ad, and here it is.

In the 10-second preview, Carrey suits up and gets busy on some unsettling drilling. The ad debuts on Super Bowl Sunday.

Also interesting:

Carrey starred as the needy, TV-obsessed cable worker who stalks Matthew Broderick's character in The Cable Guy. The edgy film got mixed reviews in the '90s but has become a cult classic since.

We also previewed Zendaya's fun Super Bowl ad this week.