• Zendaya appears in a new Super Bowl ad
  • Rapper André 3000 does the voiceover
  • Zendaya's ad is for the company Squarespace

Zendaya's newest role is as a seashell-selling star! A new commercial was released ahead of the Super Bowl that sees the Euphoria actress struggling to launch a beach business before a website helps her find success. 

Zendaya is "Sally" in Squarespace's new Super Bowl ad

Zendaya plays "Sally" in the promotional spot, which is for website design company Squarespace. Inspired by a classic tongue-twister and narrated by rapper André 3000, the ad sees her character create a website to sell her seashells. As "Sally's" business begins to boom, she expands her offerings, all of which are in keeping with the playfully alliterative spirit of the source material!

Throughout the fun advertisement, "Sally" is shown selling everything from "swanky seashell accessories" and "seashell serenity sessions" to "savory seaside snacks". It appears as though a shortened version of the ad will likely be seen on television during the big game, as the version that has been shared online is labeled as an extended cut.

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The creative commercial was directed by Edgar Wright, who is known for his films like Last Night in Soho and Baby Driver. This isn't the first time Squarespace has featured a famous face in their ad campaign either! For last year's Super Bowl, the company teamed up with Dolly Parton for a modern take on her hit "9 to 5" geared towards those with side hustles.