• Zendaya is the star of the series Euphoria
  • In a new interview, she talks about shooting the successful series
  • Shooting was sometimes very uncomfortable

Zendaya (25) celebrates great success with her series Euphoria. She received the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for the first season of the show, becoming the youngest-ever winner in that category.

Season two has come out recently and despite the international success, the actress reveals that filming was difficult at times.

Zendaya Was Nervous Filming Euphoria Scene

Zendaya shared how intense it was at times in an interview with Insider. "We had to shoot this whole run or chase sequence with Rue, some of which happened in the daytime, in the middle of LA when it was like 100 and something degrees," she revealed. 

Zendaya in Euphoria

As the Spider-Man actress explains, she was actually scared during the shoot: "We have a wonderful stunt team that is very, very safe and always takes good care of us. But it was very scary because they were all stunt drivers, but they had to drive towards me and stop as I'm running through the middle of the street, which was in, mind you, 100 and something, 110-degree weather, which was excruciating to just stand there. And I was just running all day."

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Hunter Schafer and Zendaya


This famous rapper is an executive producer of the series...

Zendaya Attracts Millions Of Viewers For Euphoria

But Zendaya's efforts seem to have paid off, with Euphoria viewership actually doubling since the first season. Zendaya isn't just super sexy in her red carpet looks, but also really successful in the entertainment business.

While an average of 6.6 million people watched the drama series in 2019, the season 2 premiere was watched by more than 13 million people. A third season has already been announced.