Nicole Richie wants to become a trap music icon! Or at least, that's the premise of her upcoming Quibi comedy Nikki Fre$h. On Thursday, the first trailer for the show was released, and it sees her venturing down a surprising new career path.

Richie will be journeying into making "conscious trap" music

Playing herself in the show, the trailer sees Richie telling her husband Joel Madden and his brother Benji Madden about her plans to make the genre her own. "I am looking for music that only I can make," she explains to them. "I want to make music about things that are important to me". 

Calling the style of music she's interested in creating "conscious trap" as it's environmentally focused, Richie tells the Madden brothers about the target demographic for her new project. "Conscious trap is music for everybody — teachers, rabbis, Virgos. But mostly, moms and gays," she shares. "I’m bringing a voice to our planet".

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Richie to consult with real-life wellness experts for her new show

Richie's new show might seem like an outlandish concept, but it's grounded in reality. That's because as People shares, Richie will be meeting with "real-life seekers and consciousness experts" for Nikki Fre$h. Through gaining perspective from people who are experienced in the areas of wellness and eco-consciousness, Richie will be able to create the "conscious trap" music she aims to put out.

"Wellness has a new voice," Richie declares in Quibi's trailer for Nikki Fre$h. Not only does she star in the show for the upcoming streaming service, which launches on April 6th and features episodic content geared towards millenials that's 10 minutes or less, she also produces it. As well, the music featured on Nikki Fre$h will be overseen by Joel and Benji Madden's label, MDDN.

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Watch Nicole Richie embrace her inner trap queen in the Nikki Fre$h trailer here!