• Willie Garson's "Stanford" was going to be a series regular
  • The character would have had his 'career' explored
  • Showrunner talks about decision to write him out

And Just Like That... originally had very different plans for "Stanford"! Michael Patrick King recently told Variety what would have been in store for the character in the Sex and the City spinoff had actor Willie Garson not passed away.

"Stanford" was going to go through a "midlife crisis"

And Just Like That... was in the middle of filming last fall when Garson died of pancreatic cancer. This caused the character's storyline to be rewritten, but now we know what was supposed to happen! King shared that Garson originally "was in all 10 episodes," and his character "Stanford" would have experienced "a midlife crisis."

Willie Garson

He mentioned that the legitimacy of "Stanford's" career as a manager would have been explored, and that he would have been headed for divorce! His friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker's "Carrie" was also set to feature, with King sharing that "a series of really fun, flirty, hilarious confidante scenes with Carrie" had to be written out.

Also interesting:

King also talked about what it was like to have to write "Stanford" out of the show after the fourth episode by sending the character off on a business trip. He called this attempted closure "the most threadbare writing I've ever done," mentioning that the circumstances of it were "just so sad."