Criminal Minds wrapped up in 2020 after a strong 15-season run on CBS. Fans are already missing the beloved team of FBI agents, and "Dr. Spencer Reid" was one of the major fan favourites.

Actor Matthew Gray Gubler portrayed the genius criminal profiler across the show's 15 seasons. But what's next for the star after Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds: "Dr. Spencer Reid" actor Matthew Gray Gubler

Gubler filled a main cast role on Criminal Minds since 2005, but the American actor kept busy on art, film, and TV projects throughout his years on the CBS series. In addition to acting, he's a talented painter and author, having published a children's book as writer and illustrator in 2019.

But Gubler's talents don't end there. The 40-year-old has worked as a minister, model, voice actor, and filmmaker, also putting his directing abilities to work on 12 Criminal Minds episodes over the years. Gubler's range has us wondering what he'll be up to next. Here's what we know so far.

Matthew Gray Gubler's work after Criminal Minds

Of course, the Criminal Minds finale aired in February 2020. If you're a close follower of Gubler's work, you'd have already seen him in the Netflix horror film Horse Girl, which also premiered earlier this year.

Likewise, "Dr. Reid" was seen in 2020 short film Beginner's Luck, a bowling comedy. But looking ahead, Gubler is set to headline upcoming movie King Knight, described as a comedy about a High Priest whose past as an "all-American prepster" comes back to haunt him.

Most recently, he also starred in the music video for "Moonlight" by Future Islands, released on Sept. 15, 2020. Check it out below.

Clearly, the sky is the limit for Gubler's talents and his various art forms. We're awaiting a release date for King Knight and news of the actor and artist's next big project.

The Criminal Minds Cast

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