• Netflix has recently released their new mystery-drama titled White Noise
  • The film has already received a lot of critical acclaim
  • Here are some tidbits about the movie you'll want to know before watching

Let's break down the new Netflix mystery that is delighting audiences all over the world with some facts many fans were probably not aware of, starting with the very origin of the movie itself. The movie White Noise is based on a novel of the same title by Don DeLillo which came out in 1985!

White Noise is just the kind of hot mess we want to see!

The cast is bound to command your attention as the two main actors are Adam Driver playing the family man "Jack". And he is married to "Babett", who is played by Greta Gerwig. These two have been on fire in their careers recently, and now fans get to see them together on screen for the first time.

Also interesting:

The whole thing is not a classic mystery film, but an absurdly comical satire that mixes different genres. That should be clear to audiences when they hear that the main character teaches "Hitlerology" at the university. If that doesn't tickle your funny bone, we don't know what will...

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