• 'Young Sheldon' has come to an end
  • The cast has shared their goodbyes
  • THIS is how the tributes poured in

After seven spectacular seasons, the CBS comedy wrapped up with a moving two-part series finale on Thursday, May 16, sparking an outpouring of love and nostalgia from the cast. Iain Armitage, Raegan Revord, Annie Potts and more paid tribute to the CBS comedy after it ended on May 16.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Iain Armitage, the prodigious talent behind young Sheldon Cooper, took to Instagram to express his gratitude, stating, "Thank you for a wonderful ride. I will miss everyone so much." His sentiments were echoed by co-star Raegan Revord, aka Missy Cooper, who shared, "I love this cast, our incredible crew, and these characters so much not having them in my life everyday seems impossible."

The series, which has been a staple of laughter and heartwarming moments, didn't just leave its mark on its audience but also on its cast. Annie Potts, who brought the feisty "Meemaw" to life, shared a heartfelt message of love and gratitude, while Caleb Emery  and Matt Hobby reflected on their incredible journey with the show.

For the cast of 'Young Sheldon', the series was more than just a job; it was a family and a formative part of their lives. From lifelong friendships to cherished memories, the impact of this show extends far beyond the screen.

"We've been a family ever since the first day we met — and we're still a family," shared Montana Jordan, who played "Georgie Cooper."

As fans bid farewell to their favorite Texas family, the legacy of 'Young Sheldon' is far from over. With seasons 1 to 6 available on Netflix, new and old fans alike can continue to enjoy the adventures of the Cooper family. And as for the cast, their journey is just beginning.

"Looking forward to the next chapter!" exclaimed Wyatt McClure, proving that while this chapter may have ended, their stories are far from over.

"Here I am on the day of my own finale heartbroken. I love this cast, our incredible crew, and these characters so much not having them in my life everyday seems impossible. But I’m also filled with wonderful memories, a beautiful childhood, a family forever, and gratitude," Revord continued. 

"Thank you to those that have tuned in over the years and for loving these characters as much as we do. I hope you enjoy the finale tonight, it’s some of the most beautiful episodes of TV I’ve ever watched."

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So, grab your tissues and join us in saying goodbye to a show that made us laugh, cry, and feel like part of the Cooper family. 'Young Sheldon', you will be missed, but never forgotten.