David Hasselhoff and the others look so different

'Knight Rider': The Cast Members Today

The 'Knight Rider' Cast: Patricia McPherson, Edward Mulhare and David Hasselhoff.

Knight Rider was a cult series from 1982 to 1986. The actor David Hasselhoff celebrated his big breakthrough in the show. Do you want to know where is the cast today? Watch the video here to find out!

The Knight Rider series followed the adventures of "Michael Knight", as he uses advanced technology to fight crime and has an indestructible artificially-intelligent car named "KITT".

Knight Rider: Where is "Michael Knight" now? 

David Hasselhoff, who played the main character in the series, is still active in the entertainment business and we can still catch him on the small and on the big screen as well, like in Sharknando 4

David Hasselhoff at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2014

Do you want to know where the rest of the cast is? Check out the video above!