• Cheryl Burke is best known from 'Dancing With The Stars'
  • She has opened up about her divorce
  • HERE is what she has learned

It's always refreshing to hear celebrities speak openly about their personal lives. In a candid interview on the Amy & T.J. podcast, Burke shares insights on financial dynamics in relationships, the quest for a supportive partner, and the journey to self-love. Dive into the details of Cheryl's revelations and discover what she's looking for in her next love adventure!

Love Can't Be Bought

Cheryl Burke, the star who lit up the dance floor on 'Dancing with the Stars,' recently got real about her past marriage to actor Matthew Lawrence. Speaking on the 'Amy & T.J.' podcast, Burke dropped some truth bombs about love, money, and the quest for a supportive partner.

"I was the breadwinner," Burke confessed, reflecting on her marriage dynamics. Despite feeling good about supporting the household, she admits it didn't necessarily spell happiness for their relationship. This revelation opens up a broader conversation about financial roles and emotional security within partnerships.

Of bringing home finances, Burke added, "It's like — it made me feel good, but then it didn't necessarily make the relationship good."

Host Amy Robach chimed in to share her own experience in past relationships. "I had a false sense of security,” she said. "But it's also emasculating, and so it creates an awful dynamic."

Looking forward, Burke isn’t afraid to be in charge of a household — or in charge of herself. "I just don't know if I do," she said while contemplating if she wants someone "who takes care of me."

Burke and Lawrence finalized their divorce in 2022

Post-divorce, Burke isn't just looking for anyone; she's on the hunt for someone special. "I want someone who wants to evolve," she shared, emphasizing the importance of self-improvement and accountability in a partner. For Burke, it's not just about confidence; it's about finding someone with genuine self-worth, minus the ego.

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With her divorce finalized and Lawrence moving on with TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, Burke is navigating the single life with a clear vision of what she desires in a future relationship. Her journey underscores the importance of loving oneself and the quest for a partner who's not just supportive but also committed to personal growth.