• William and Kate are a strong royal couple
  • They have been married since 2011
  • Learn more about their pact

Duchess Kate and Prince William have been happily married since 2011. In 10 years since their royal wedding, they've welcomed three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But if you look at the love story of the popular royals, you will notice that it wasn't quite a fairytale romance at first. Did you know that they even made a secret pact before they got married?

Prince William and Duchess Kate had a secret pact

In their early days, Prince William and Duchess Kate separated for a second time in 2007. It was after this time that they made a pact to get married, as royal insider Katie Nicholl said in an interview with Daily Express.

Nicholl said: "What none of us knew was that [Kate] and William had actually made a secret pact to be married way back in 2007, after they got together after their second major breakup. [...] This was a secret pact. And we know that this is a couple who are very good at keeping secrets." 

William may have used the second breakup as a test. At the time, British newspapers were offering Kate Middleton significant money for an exclusive version of their love story. She declined all offers — and she and William became a couple again, marrying just a few years later.

Duchess Kate and Prince William at their wedding

Nevertheless, Duchess Kate has long been nicknamed "Waity Katie" by the British media. After all, she and William waited nine years until they married. Secretly, however, she apparently already knew that she was going to marry the prince one day.

William and Kate had a love story of ups and downs

Duchess Kate and Prince William met in 2001 at university, where they shared a student flat in their second year of studies. They split in 2004 when media and public pressure became too great.

After several years apart, they found each other again in 2006. Still, Prince William had never officially introduced Kate to the public until then. A year later they separated again. But that's all yesterday's news, because today they are happier than ever. 

For their 10th wedding anniversary, Duchess Kate and Prince William published romantic couple photos and a new video celebrating the milestone with their three children.

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