• Megan Fox goes bare-faced selfie
  • She shows wears a black bra
  • Fans think she looks like HER

Megan's latest mirror selfie showcases her in a laid-back ensemble of a black bra and pajama bottoms, complemented by a light touch of mascara, blush, and lip gloss. However, it was her long blue hair that cascaded down her chest, stealing the spotlight. This unexpected transformation had fans comparing her to none other than Kim Kardashian and Chelsea Blackwell from 'Love Is Blind.'

Stars au naturel:

Fan frenzy on social media

Comments flooded in with mixed reactions. "You look like Chelsea from Love Is Blind. I don't know why you copied her style," one fan remarked. Others were convinced they were looking at a Kardashian clone, with comments like, "Kim Kardashian, is that you?!" and "I thought this was Kim Kardashian." Some were so baffled they admitted, "I had to look @ the name bc I didn't know who that was."

The selfie, doubling as an ad for Wella Professionals' hair products, was a sneak peek into Megan's Coachella look. The actress revealed her blue bob inspiration at the Celsius Cosmic Desert Event, stating, "I think I bleached it, and I destroyed it. So I might as well run through all the colors before I go brown." Despite the drastic change, Megan emphasized staying true to oneself, even at a festival.


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