• Kunal Nayyar is a celebrated Indian actor
  • He is best known from The Big Bang Theory
  • Here are seven facts about him

Despite his stardom, Kunal is a quite a private person outside of the occasional Instagram post. Not too much is known about the actor's background and life history, and so, we did some digging for you. Here are seven things you probably didn't know about him.

Kunal is a charming figure on and off camera

Let's start with the first fact on our list that makes sense given his iconic role. #1: Kunal graduated from the University of Portland in Oregon, with a Bachelor's in Business. The actor is not just brainy on camera, but also in real life!

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#2: He was born in London to a Punjabi family and moved to India when he was just four years old. Many believe the actor to have been born in India but that wasn't actually the case. This London native is now an international superstar.

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