90 Day Fiancé Star Erika Defends Ex Stephanie Against Sexuality Skepticism

Lately, the internet has been ablaze with suspicions that one half of 90 Day Fiancé's first LGBTQ+ couple, Stephanie Matto, may have been faking her bisexuality for "clout" and attention for her YouTube channel. The couple had many ups and downs on the show and many fans were surprised by Stephanie's continued secrecy about her sexuality to her family and her many hidden insecurities and issues that she took out on accepting and forgiving Erika. 

Now in an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima, Stephanie's Ex Erika is coming to her defense. Although she believes their relationship would not have worked out no matter what because the insecurities would have manifested whether they were long-distance or not, she still believes the treatment of Stephanie from the internet is unfair.

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Many have come for her because of her contradictory behavior, her lack of intimacy or affection for Erika, so Erika said "Sexuality is a very personal thing, and sometimes it takes, like, exploring yourself to be able to figure that out, you know? It sucks that at some points, it felt like the figuring out of things was at my expense, but I'm not gonna sit here and say that she is something or she isn't, because that's her own personal journey." She added, "Of course, like, people can have their doubts or whatever, but like I've mentioned before, this is Steph's journey and it's no one's place to, like, publicly go for her."

When asked about which wrongs she would like to right about their time together Erika said she wishes the two had a conversation about the issues that Stephanie had with Erika's lifestyle before she had traveled to Australia. It seems communication was their main barrier, as it was only a one way street of honesty.

"I felt like I was being punished for things that I had disclosed and I was having things thrown at me that I didn't know about so it was kind of this crazy thing where I was feeling bad about things that I was honest about and I was expected to accept things that she hadn't been honest about."

We can't wait for the details on 90 Day Fiancé Tell All Part 2 that airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT on TLC!