Aaron Carter And Girlfriend Melanie's Rough Start

Aaron Carter has been in trouble this past year for some of his erratic behavior and even earned a restraining order from his Backstreet Boys older brother Nick Carter, all the while trying to maintain a love life. Unfortunately for Aaron, having made his last few relationships public also meant his intense break-ups were also public. 

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Luckily, he met and began dating Melanie Martin back in January and the pair were immediately smitten. In early March the "I Want Candy" singer even had her name tattooed above his eyebrow! Then on March 29th, the pair had an explosive fight that led to Melanie's ultimate arrest for domestic violence and Aaron removed all photos of her from his Instagram.

Aaron took to Twitter to do some damage control and suggested his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him and physically assaulted him. 

Aaron Carter Surprises Fans With Pregnancy News!

He had continued to be very present on social media, doing almost daily Instagram lives for his loving fans. He seemed to be doing quite well considering the rough and public breakup, continuing to produce music, and surprised fans with the big news! He is going to be a Dad to Melanie's baby!

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Aaron took to Instagram Live to show the positive pregnancy test Melanie took and has restored his pictures of her on his account. He has even gone back to loving posts dedicated to her with captions like "How lucky do two people have to be in order to fall for each other at exactly the right time in exactly the right way." 

In his Instagram Live, he confirmed the news and said "This is what we both want. We both were trying for it. I’m just focused on the future and being a dad. I want to be a good dad. I’m focused, my music career has been doing really well and touring, having my clothing line out, all that stuff I have going for me that isn’t necessarily just music. Family is most important to me."

We have our fingers crossed for the best for "Fool's Gold" singer Aaron and his growing family!

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