Those a part of the Marvel universe have never been quiet about their huge loss when Chadwick Boseman passed in 2020 due to complications of cancer.

Anthony Mackie, a fellow Marvel hero, revealed that watching any of Boseman's work is hard for him, and it can be very emotional for the actor.

Anthony Mackie opens up about his late friend

Anthony Mackie is getting candid about his mourning process, admitting that he's not ready to watch any of Chadwick Boseman's posthumous work, including his Netflix release with Viola Davis, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, which premiered in December 2020.

Anthony Mackie of 'Seberg' attends The IMDb Studio Presented By Intuit QuickBooks at Toronto 2019.

Mackie says that the film will always hold a special place for him, but that he can't bring himself to watch the movie just yet.

"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom holds a very special place," he said. "With the relationship to that, and the relationship to August Wilson, and my relationship to Chad, I haven't been able to pull myself to the point emotionally to be able to sit and take that experience in."

Mackie added, "I wouldn't be able to watch it for the performance and the art, it would just be too emotional of a process for me."

The late actor has earned rave reviews for his work in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and there has been buzz of a potential Oscar win.

Chadwick Boseman at the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER.

Mackie also said that losing Boseman was a huge hit for him, considering not only have the two worked on three Marvel films together, but they have known each other since the '90s.

"I met Chad in '98, '99, so I've known him, I knew him for a long time," Mackie said to Extra.

"What was great about Chad, unlike everybody else today, Chad kept his circle close to his vest. He kept his world very private," he said. "That's one thing, one of the things, that we had in common."

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is available on Netflix for streaming.

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