Ariana Grande is in love with her boyfriend Dalton Gomez, and wants the world to know it! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Grande dedicated a birthday post to Gomez on Friday, showcasing cute moments from the couple's relationship.

Grande gets a kiss on the cheek from Gomez in sweet clip

Grande included a super romantic video clip of her and Gomez in her Instagram post! In the first video, Gomez gives Grande a kiss on the cheek while the classic song "L.O.V.E." can be heard playing in the background. That's not the only cute moment between the two Grande shared! In one of them, Gomez plays the game "Heads Up!" with Grande, who's heard laughing off camera.

There's also another sweet cheek kiss from Gomez and a few photos of the two together— along with a funny edit of what their future kids could look like! "hbd to my baby my best friend my fav part of all the days :) i love u," Grande captioned the birthday tribute to her new beau. 

Grande and Gomez have been together since March

Grande made things Instagram official with real estate agent Gomez just a few weeks ago, and the couple has been together since March. According to Entertainment Tonight, Grande has been quarantining with her new boyfriend during the coronavirus pandemic.

A source shared with the outlet that Grande and Gomez are currently "in a really good place," as a couple. That's because as the source mentions, lockdown "has been a great opportunity for them to spend quality time together." 

Grande first let fans know she and Gomez were together back in May. The reveal came when she snuck in some PDA with him in the music video for her collab with Justin Bieber, "Stuck With U." Also, Grande recently made headlines for a big purchase— a $13.7 million dollar home in L.A.! 

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