• Ashley Graham recently became mom to twins
  • Graham shares photo of an intimate moment
  • She has received many compliments for it

Ashley Graham is not only one of the most sought-after plus-size models, but also a new mom once again! Now, she has shared an intimate picture on Instagram that shows her breastfeeding her twins.

Graham praised for powerful breastfeeding picture

Graham can be seen lifting up her top in the sweet photo. With her large breasts on display, she looks down at her newborns adoringly. "double fisting," Graham wrote alongside the picture. Her two boys clench their hands into cute little fists while they drink their fill.

She has received a lot of encouragement for her photo, because breastfeeding is not always easy as a twin mom. "Wishing I could have breastfed my own set of twins, but I absolutely love seeing other women tandem feed! You go mama!!" one comment read. 

Also interesting:

Graham's twin boys, Malachi and Roman, are her second and third children with husband Justin Ervin. She revealed their names in an Instagram post shortly after their birth, sharing a beautiful post-pregnancy photo that also showed her breastfeeding. Her first son Isaac was born in early 2020.