• Austin Butler shared a sad statement
  • He was recently nominated for an Oscar
  • However, his joy is overshadowed by Lisa Marie Presley's death

Austin Butler has received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike, for his role in the hit film Elvis where he plays the legendary Elvis Presley. So much so, that he already secured a Golden Globe for his performance and life is surely going perfectly well. At least that's what it would seem like.

Austin Butler is going through the motions right now

On January 24, it was also announced that he was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category. However, Butler can't really enjoy his success at the moment, because the death of Lisa Marie Presley is still very much on his mind.

Also interesting:

He explained his recent feelings on Today with Hoda and Jenna saying this: "It’s sort of a bittersweet moment right now because I think of how much I wish she was here right now to get to celebrate with me", Austin said...

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