• Rebecca Romjin and John Stamos were a power couple
  • Stamos' new memoir spilled the tea on some new details
  • Rebecca has responded to it

In his October 2023 memoir, 'If You Would Have Told Me', John Stamos made bombshell claims about his marriage to his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn. The 'X-Men' actress was very stunned at some of the allegations brought up in the book. Rebecca is finally spilling the tea on her tumultuous marriage with 'Full House' heartthrob!

Rebecca doesn't want to help him

Romijn, the stunning starlet, confessed to 'Entertainment Tonight', "I was very surprised by all of that, incredibly shocked actually." Married to Stamos from 1998 to 2005, she was thrown for a loop when he accused her of infidelity in his book, released in October 2023.

But this fierce femme fatale isn't playing his game, saying, "I don't really want to help him sell his books based on those headlines."

She was married to John, 60, from 1998 to 2005. In his book, the actor opened up about what he thought was the root of his failed marriage. He believed Rebecca was "busy with her career and new friends," which led them to face "ups and downs."

John wrote: "She smiles at me a little less, doesn’t look me in the eyes over dinner, takes phone calls in the other room. … Betrayal starts as a sinking feeling in your stomach, grows into a suspicion that clouds your every thought, and by the time you find out the truth, it’s uniquely horrible at first but also expected, like you’ve been waiting for something bad to happen," he wrote. "There’s nothing more to say. There’s a point of no return, and what felt like a phase is now her phasing me out for good."

He continued, "In the darkest hour, the schmuck who proposed, the clown who’d do anything to make her laugh and the husband planning for the future all sit up torturing me with ‘what-ifs,'" adding, "The guy who promised her and himself ‘forever,’ just like in the Beach Boys song, now sees that forever might not last the night."

Stamos' self reflection didn't help much

Despite briefly addressing the claims made in the book, Rebecca previously revealed that she had no desire to read John’s memoir.

"There was an interest in my household, but it’s so funny, after hearing his interview beginning to end on 'The Howard Stern Show', any interest of reading the book went away," she said during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s radio show in November 2023.

In his memoir, Stamos laid it all bare, revealing his feelings of emasculation as Romijn's star soared and his own career hit a snag. He told 'People' magazine, "My first marriage was shattering to me." He even called Romijn "the Devil" at one point, but later reflected on his role in their split, admitting, "Maybe I was as much to blame as her."

In his 352-page tell-all, the 60-year-old described the last time he ever saw Rebecca during an emotional divorce proceeding with their attorneys. "I don't really feel she owes me anything more than an apology. I guess I owe her one, too. But we don't say a word," John wrote.

"I walk over and give her a hug. We spill tears. We had promised each other that we would spend some time together after today, but we don't. This will be the last time I ever see her. We will not cross paths again, we will not run into each other at events. This is the end."

Also interesting:

Romijn's current hubby, Jerry O'Connell, chimed in on 'The Talk', urging discretion for the sake of their kids. He's not fanning the flames of this fiery feud, folks!

After her split from the sitcom Stamos, Rebecca married Jerry in 2007. The pair are now parents to twins Dolly and Charlie. John married his second wife, Caitlin McHugh, in 2018. That same year, they welcomed their son, Billy.

Romijn and Stamos have moved on, but the echoes of their Hollywood romance continue to captivate us. Will there be more revelations, or is this the final curtain call on their past? Stay tuned!