• Singer Boy George is British icon
  • He has been out of the spotlight in recent years
  • THIS is what he has been up to lately

From his rough-and-tumble childhood in South East London to his high-flying days on Broadway, George is serving up some serious dish! The singer and icon is still delighting fans wherever he can, and now he is letting fans into his life and times in an explosive new memoir that is bound to both shock and impress.

Battling bullies and dodging danger

Growing up wasn't a walk in the park for our favorite Culture Club frontman. With right-wing gangs and schoolyard bullies on his tail, George's "radar for trouble" was always on high alert. Home life? Even more intense, with his dad's temper flaring up like a bonfire. But hey, George's sense of humor about it all? Priceless!

Sure, George had his moment in the limelight, rubbing elbows with the likes of Joan Rivers on the 'Tonight Show.' But behind the sequins and eyeliner, there was a darker side. Heroin abuse led to a family intervention that nearly went up in flames—literally.

And let's not forget that stint in the slammer, where he made friends and whipped up some mean vegetarian curries. Who knew prison could be so... gourmet? George's charm and resilience caught the eye of none other than Princess Diana, who broke royal protocol just to have a chat.

But not all celebs were as gracious. Janet Jackson? Let's just say their encounters were as frosty as an Arctic breeze.

These days, George is all about that healthy lifestyle. He's ditched dairy and wheat and has everyone guessing about his weight loss secrets. Botox? Not for this natural beauty. And let's not forget those hair transplants and a tummy tuck that's got everyone talking!

The "Karma Chameleon" singer, 62, revealed in his new autobiography, 'Karma,' that he first took Ozempic — a brand name of the Type 2 diabetes drug semaglutide — and then switched to Mounjaro — a brand name of another antidiabetic medication, tirzepatide  to maintain his weight loss following a tummy tuck surgery.

Weight a minute!

"I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and being under public and media scrutiny doesn’t help," he wrote, as reported by 'People' magazine.

He penned: "We are all guilty of saying, ‘Hasn’t so and so got big,’ even when we are carrying extra pounds ourselves." The pop star dished that he "loves food," so it is hard for him to "control my appetite."

"Well, I’m on Mounjaro. Isn’t everyone? Trust me anyone who was fat last year and is now skinny is on the wonder drug." George also shared in his memoir that he went under the knife for a tummy tuck “not long after” he had hair transplants from 2015 to 2018 to help complete his transformation.

However, he called the plastic surgery procedure the "most painful thing [he’s] ever done," noting he went "on tour straight after with Cyndi Lauper with the blood bag attached."

Also interesting:

Either way he has never done any work to his face. "I’ve never had Botox, though, and I might be the only person in show business with my own face," he wrote.

"I’m not frightened of getting old and I think I’ve grown into myself. It might seem weird to say I feel sexier but I actually do. I used to joke over the years, ‘Sexy at sixty.’ That was my ambition."

Drama alert! Former lover and drummer Jon Moss hit George with a lawsuit over the Culture Club name right after his mum passed away. Talk about bad timing. But George isn't one to back down, and the legal battle ended with a multimillion-dollar settlement.

His new memoir is bound to share more explosive revelations. Get your copy of 'Karma' today!