Britney Spears wants to make it clear to the world that she's had enough of her conservatorship. As Entertainment Tonight reports, on Wednesday, the singer appeared in court via phone to speak out about her current circumstances for the first time, revealing the toll the situation has taken on her.

Spears tells court that she wants to see "changes going forward"

Spears said she is "angry" and "depressed" about the state of her life under the conservatorship. The singer's freedom has been a contentious issue for years, leading celebrities such as Lance Bass to voice their support for her. "I want to be heard... I want changes and I want changes going forward," she said. "[...] I just want my life back."

The singer went on to open up about how the public persona of herself she has put across is "a lie," sharing her true feelings about the situation for the first time. "I've been in denial. I've been in shock. I am traumatized," she said. 


Spears requests the court grant her a therapist and private lawyer

Spears' father Jamie had been her sole conservator for years. However, this was amended earlier this year, when financial institution Bessemer Trust was added to the responsibility.  "It's enough and it makes no sense at all ... I'm done," the pop star admitted. "I want to sue my family to be totally honest with you."

She then told of a situation where Jamie had her forcibly admitted to rehab, saying that he "loved the control to hurt his own daughter." Spears explained to the court that the reason she has decided to speak out now is so they are able to "understand the depth and the degree and the damage" of her situation.

Spears also made several specific requests during the phone appearance in court. She said that she would like to have a therapist come to her home weekly, and "hand pick my own lawyer." Hopefully there will be justice for Spears after the court reviews her case, since her long-standing conservatorship has caused her to suffer emotional hardship.

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