Carey Mulligan is sharing it all

During an exclusive interview with Porter magazine, Carey Mulligan gets open and candid, sharing her view on her roles, her dreams for the future, and more.

Mulligan admits that she is so set on appearing in a rom-com that she says, “I’ve been campaigning for Richard Curtis to write me something for about 10 years!"

The Promising Young Woman star talks about the role and her view of the movie saying, "It’s funny because the reaction I first had when I read the script was, ‘This is so romantic.'".

However, while filming it made the actress understand more about the issues surrounding toxic masculinity, assault, and more.


“What we reflected on, making this film, was the amount of real-life stories like this we know,” she says. “A lot of this film is stuff that pretty much every woman I know has experienced in some way.”

She also goes on to talk about how much the #MeToo movement has changed Hollywood, witnessing firsthand a change in her industry.

"The first concrete measure I saw was doing a play at the Royal Court called Girls & Boys,” she says. “They gave us a document that was a code of conduct… I had never had that in my career.”


“If that had been going on when I started at 18, it would have felt different. Now, I really think it would be wild for something to happen on set. No one would turn a blind eye,” she continued.

Among the theme of the movie, Mulligan also shared her view on the importance of female friendship and alliance.

“My female friendships have become increasingly important – particularly the ones with friends I made when I was 14 at school,” she says.

“It’s something about doing stages of life together and supporting each other.”

Mulligan graces the cover of Porter magazine which hits shelves April, 06 2020.

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