Christina Aguilera wants her fiancé Matthew Rutler to know that he's "simply the best!" On Monday, Aguilera took to Instagram to share a special video in honour of Rutler's birthday, which saw her show her love for him in a fun way.

Aguilera kicks video off with Schitt's Creek tribute

Aguilera began the video by lip syncing along to a clip from the television show Schitt's Creek. The snippet— which is shown in split screen— starts with "Patrick" saying that he wants to dedicate a song to "a very special someone in my life." After a clip of Aguilera and Rutler sharing a tender moment, the singer then mouths the words "you're the best."

Clips of Aguilera and Rutler spending time together then play, with the acoustic cover of Tina Turner's song "The Best" from Schitt's Creek as the soundtrack. The couple can be seen embracing, as well as having fun both indoors and outdoors. At the end, Aguilera and her kids— 13-year-old Max and 6-year-old Summer— can be seen spraying water as they wish Rutler a happy birthday.


Aguilera compliments her fiancé's drive and devotion

Aguilera also included a heartwarming caption that saw her share the many things she appreciates about her fiancé! "You’re simply the best, @m_rutler! Happy Birthday ❤️," the singer wrote. She mentioned that she loves how her fiancé is "devoted, driven and hardworking" while also "being a devoted, loving and thoughtful parent & partner."

"From being an amazing father to an incredible business man and forward thinker, you innovate and execute ideas on the daily," she continued. Aguilera also mentioned how Rutler has developed the website Masterclass, turning it into a "mega success" and commenting on how she constantly sees "the magic behind the machine."

"From helping keep the family glue together to building the successes you do," she concluded. "I’m proud of you and will always be in your corner...cheering you on to keep shining and succeeding in all your wildest dreams. Love you baby."