The new face of Netflix!

Christina Milian: From Singer To Netflix Actress

Christina Milian went from singer to Netflix star!

You may remember Christina Milian's start as a rising singer in the early 2000's. But today, Milian has shifted her focus in the spotlight and can now be seen in different Netflix productions! Check out how Christina Milian went from being a famous singer to her breakthrough in Netflix! 

Christina Milian had her big breakthrough in music in 2000 when she sang on one of Ja Rule's songs, "Between Me and You", which led to her first record deal with Def Soul Records. From then on, Christina released hit after hit, having been on both the Billboard Charts and the UK Singles Chart as a newcomer in the industry. 

Christina Milian's shift from singer to Netflix actress

Yet, Milian wasn't always satisfied with her career as a singer. In fact, growing up she originally wanted to be an actress. Christina had her ups and downs in the music industry, constantly switching record labels and trying to find 'her style' in the competitive U.S. show business market. In total, the singer has three studio albums and one E.P., which was last released in 2015.

Christina Milian

Christina's first major film was in 2003's Love Don't Cost a Thing, starring opposite Nick Cannon. It was by this time that she started landing in several films, like Be Cool and Pulse, as well as MANY television appearances, including Family Guy and CSI. All of her roles, big and small, led up to her starring in one of Netflix's most recent productions. 

Christina Milian and Adam Demos star in Netflix's Falling Inn Love

Christina starred in 2019's hit Netflix movie, Falling Inn Love, with the attractive Australian actor, Adam Demos. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christina said that her manager first came across the script and presented it to her: 

"I took a look at it and loved it. I laughed the whole way while I was reading it and I guess you could say, I pitched Netflix me for it. The next thing you know, I’m hopping on a plane to New Zealand to shoot this really funny, really cute rom-com." 

We loved her in this film! She and co-star Adam had great chemistry that every viewer could see. She even admitted to EW that they did so well together on and off-screen, and that "he's such a cool guy".

Christina can also be seen in the Netflix series, Soundtrack, a musical drama that premiered in December 2019. Her most recent film is Resort To Love and she even has a couple more projects in the works! Whichever route Christina chooses, she's definitely proven herself as a triple-threat! We can't wait to see more upcoming collaborations between Christina Milian and Netlflix to binge on!