John Luke Robertson, the eldest son of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson has grown up a lot since we watched him on the hit reality show series. We saw him overcome a lot and eventually get married on a beautiful episode of the series with his dad officiating the wedding. Now young John Luke is a dad!

Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson 

John Luke Robertson, the eldest son of Duck Commander patriarch Willie Robertson, was born on October 11th, 1995 in West Monroe, Louisiana. Fans were able to watch him grow up on the addictively fun series Duck Dynasty where we saw the shy but silly Robertson boy go through the wringer. From hilarious dentist appointments to awkward and intensely chaperoned dates to his eventual wedding, we saw it all.

The Cast of 'Duck Dynasty' in Season 6. 

The young John Luke eventually had to overcome temptations and obstacles like his DUI and sexual activity, eventually following in his grandfather Phil's footsteps teaching about Jesus and Christianity. 

John luke married his sweet girlfriend Mary Kate McEacharn in 2015 and the two became a major force behind the Christian youth camp "Camp Ch-Yo-Ca" where John Luke preaches regularly.

Willie Robertson, John Luke Robertson, and Mary Kate McEacharn on 'Duck Dynasty' Season 8, Episode 9 "John Luke Gets Hitched".

In October of 2019, John Luke and Mary welcomed their first child together John Shepherd to the huge and loving Robertson family! John Luke relishes in being a dad and loves all the lessons he is learning from fatherhood. 

Check out his sweet and growing family here!

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