Ellen Pompeo's daughter Sienna sure has a lot to say! As People reports, Pompeo shared a rare video of her 5-year-old to Instagram on Sunday, which features her going on a rant about being fed up with her brother, Eli Christopher. And when Pompeo asks Sienna what to do about the situation, she has a humorous yet socially relevant answer to her mom's question!

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Pompeo's daughter on younger brother: "he keeps testing me"

Pompeo's video of her daughter shows her expressing her annoyance about her younger sibling to her mom. "[He] is so annoying, and it’s just … he keeps testing me. … Eli. He keeps testing me," a frustrated Sienna tells Pompeo, who's off-camera. "Even when I was 4, he [would] keep testing me. Even now, I’m 5, he [is] still testing me. Every day, he tests me".

"What should we do about it?" Pompeo is heard asking. That's when Sienna responds with a pretty straightforward answer. "We should separate," she says. The Grey's Anatomy star responds to her daughter's statement, fully agreeing with her. "That’s a great idea — separate! That’s a very good idea. I like that idea," she said. "Social distancing 101 from Sienna May," Pompeo captioned the video, adding the hashtag "#micdrop".

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See the "social distancing" video Ellen Pompeo shared of her daughter Sienna here!