Elliot Page has spoken out about his identity for the first time since coming out as transgender! The new issue of Time magazine features Page on the front cover, and sees the actor open up about his journey to accepting and embracing who he is.

Page explains he struggled with gender for years

Page took to social media in December to share that he is transgender and now uses he/they pronouns, going by the name Elliot. The Umbrella Academy star told Time that he had expected "a lot of support and love and a massive amount of hatred and transphobia" after deciding to be open about his identity, which is "essentially what happened."

The actor went on to share that he "wanted to be a boy" when he was younger. "I just never recognized myself," he explained, saying he struggled with his mental health. "For a long time I could not even look at a photo of myself." Page said he found gendered clothing uncomfortable, as "just putting on a T-shirt cut for a woman would make me so unwell.”

Elliot Page at the Sao Paulo Comic Con, in 2018.

Page talks about top surgery and his name change

Page also revealed that he has undergone top surgery— an operation where breast tissue is removed to flatten one's chest— which he was recovering from at the time he came out. He said that the procedure has "completely transformed my life," calling it "not only life-changing, but lifesaving."

As for why he decided to adopt the name Elliot, the star explained that he loved the '80s film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as a kid, and "always wanted to look like the boys in the movies." He even has a tattoo inspired by the movie, which says "E.P. Phone Home"! Ultimately, Page said being in quarantine is what led him to come to terms with his identity.

"I had a lot of time on my own to really focus on things that I think, in so many ways, unconsciously, I was avoiding," Page explained, saying he's now "really excited" to continue his acting career. "I was finally able to embrace being transgender and letting myself fully become who I am."