Finn Cole on Peaky Blinders was an opportunity given to him by his older brother, actor Joe Cole. Born November 9, 1995 as the fourth of five sons, Finn Cole grew up in London dreaming of working on boats.

However, his older brother Joe's budding career as an actor would inspire Finn to pursue a career in acting. Joe would help Finn audition for his first acting job in British action film Offender (2012) before helping him to land a spot on Peaky Blinders in 2014.

Finn Cole Peaky Blinders

Finn Cole, Peaky Blinders "Michael Gray", would happen thanks to his brother Joe Cole's regular role on the hit crime drama. Joe Cole joined the cast as gang leader "John Shelby" in 2013. A year later he helped his brother Finn land the role of the gang's accountant, "Michael Gray".

The brothers couldn't be closer, and Joe would be there for Finn's first scene in 2014 and Finn would be there for Joe's last scene in 2017. The series which is now in its fifth season continues to star Finn in the role of "Michael" and has skyrocketed the young star's career!

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He is a very committed actor who takes his roles very seriously

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Finn Cole Rise to Fame

Following his breakthrough on Peaky Blinders, Finn Cole has continued to work his way up in the acting world also starring in films and series including:

  • An Inspector Calls (2015)
  • Lewis (2015)
  • American drama Animal Kingdom (2016-present)
  • Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)
  • and Dreamland (2019)

Finn Cole's most recent project is the 2020 film, Here are the Young Men and he is set to appear in 2021's Fast and Furious sequel F9! For just turning 25, we'd say Peaky Blinders' Finn Cole is doing pretty well for himself!


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