While many celebs often have the best intentions when reaching out to the public, their out-of-touch reality can make it hard for us regular folks to sympathize, and this quarantine year is a perfect example.

The beautiful Gal Gadot sat down with Vanity Fair magazine and touched on her "Imagine" video, one that caused some controversy following its release.

Gal Gadot looks back at her "Imagine" mistake

In her latest interview with Vanity Fair, Gal Gadot is opening up about the quarantine video of her and her A-lister pals singing along to John Lennon's "Imagine."


The recording, which features big names such as Kristen Wigg, Zoë Kravitz, and Will Ferrel, was widely criticized when it was released at the start of quarantine.

The "Wonder Woman" star shared that her intentions were "good and pure," but that her intentions "didn't transcend" when it was released.

"Sometimes, you try and do a good deed and it’s just not the right good deed," she explained to the publication. "I had nothing but good intentions and it came from the best place, and I just wanted to send light and love to the world."

"I started with a few friends," she continued. "And then I spoke to Kristen [Wiig]. Kristen is like the mayor of Hollywood. Everyone loves her, and she brought a bunch of people to the game. But yeah, I started it, and I can only say that I meant to do something good and pure, and it didn’t transcend."

The backlash followed because many felt it was tone-deaf. Across the entire country, thousands were losing their jobs and their homes. Many felt that celebrities should be helping financially about the crisis, instead of singing about a better world. 

Gadot shared in the original video, which was shared to her Instagram, that she was inspired to sing that particular song after she had watched a video of a man in Italy performing that song on his trumpet for his neighbours.

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She said at the time the video had something "so powerful and pure," and that she wanted to emulate that same feeling for her own neighbours - virtual or not.

Gadot shifts gears in the interview to talk about the new Wonder Woman 1984, which is set to be released this December. 

"I think the first film was the birth of a hero. And this time around we wanted to go deeper in a way. It’s more about the danger in greed, and I think that it’s very relevant to the era that we’re living in nowadays," she said.

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