Brie Larson and Gal Gadot are showing fans that there's nothing but love between them! Since the two actresses star as superheroes belonging to two different companies' franchises, with Larson's "Captain Marvel" in the Marvel universe and Gadot's "Wonder Woman" part of DC's universe, some have thought there to be a rivalry between Larson and Gadot themselves. But despite the constant comparisons made between their comic book hero counterparts, it's clear that in reality, the two get along just fine!

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Larson and Gadot presented the Oscar for Best Original Score alongside Sigourney Weaver at the 91st Academy Awards, which is the same night they decided to take their now infamous selfies! 

In the first of two pictures, Larson can be seen smiling as she loosely places her hands around Gadot's neck, as if about to engage in a fight. The next picture shows it's all for fun though, as Larson and Gadot are depicted embracing each other, with Larson smiling and Gadot making a kissy face. "Make love, not war", both women wrote in their captions.

Brie Larson loved the idea of fun selfies with Gadot for years

Larson and Gadot's sweet selfies, which delighted fans of both "Captain Marvel" and "Wonder Woman" alike, may actually have been years in the making! That's because fans noticed that back in 2017, Larson had quoted a tweet suggesting the duo's team-up become a reality!

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"Would be so cool if someone can get @brielarson and @GalGadot to recreate this," the tweet read. Larson was enthusiastic about the idea, replying by saying "Mood!!!" to share that she agreed. And while it ended up taking 3 years for the super selfies to finally happen, the cute pictures Larson and Gadot posted of themselves together were definitely worth the wait!

See Brie Larson and Gal Gadot's fun Oscars selfies here!