Halsey made a dramatic change to her appearance recently by deciding to get rid of her hair! As Entertainment Tonight shares, on Monday the "Graveyard" singer revealed her brand-new buzzcut, taking to social media to show off her freshly shaven head! 

Halsey shares hair transformation in TikTok video

Halsey has been known to frequently change up her look, rocking all kinds of outfits and hairdos over the years. She shared her latest transformation by posting a TikTok video that shows her wearing a long brunette wig, before flipping her hair to reveal that she'd gone bald! 

She also shared a photo of herself gazing into the camera while displaying her new 'do on Instagram. "just in time 4 beanie weather," she captioned the photo, also including a smiley face emoji. It's not the first time Halsey has shown off a shaved head to the world, but many fans were excited to see the bold style return— and naturally, they had questions!

Halsey replies to fan question about her hair: "I miss bald"

Halsey made a simple tweet about enjoying having a shaved head. "I love be bald," she wrote. A fan on Twitter then asked if there was any particular reason Halsey had gone bald, wondering if it had to do with her upcoming drama series The Player's Table. However, it sounds like the singer just wanted a change!

"I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long," Halsey explained in her reply, "and then I saw it healthy and long and said "mm this is nice but I miss bald." and then so I did it!"

Halsey has been staying busy over quarantine, revealing earlier this year that she spent some time studying for the bar exam! She also announced that her first book is coming out in November, which is a collection of poetry titled I Would Leave Me If I Could

Check out Halsey's new shaved head look here!

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